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Small Groups

We need each other and small groups are the best way for us to connect.

Why do we need small groups?

We have all experienced the feeling of loneliness even though we are surrounded by people, and sometimes this journey of following Jesus can leave us feeling lonely at times. Developing small groups is a way for us at Norton Baptist Church to seek to resolve that problem. Joining a small group is a two way get a group of people to walk more closely alongside of you and you commit to do the same for others within your group. It is a place of community to share our hurts and our struggles, our joy and our hope, and to truly come alongside of one another in this journey of following Jesus. What we love about small groups is that it is not just a place for us to receive encouragement, but it is designed to be a place for you to offer encouragement to others as well. So even if you don't feel you need the encouragement right now, there is a group of people out there right now that just might need you to encourage them. If you would like to know more or join a group, please submit the form below and someone will reach out to you.